Lunar Exploration Assessment Group LEAG

ASTROLAB: A South Pole-Aitken Basin Sample Return Mission Using Commercial Rovers and Landers

Lunar Surface Geodesy: Local Geodetic Networks for a Tectonically Active Moon

The Lunar Geophysical Network Mission

Endurance A 11/14/22

ROCKSTAR: A Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imager for Meter Scale Data Collection From Orbit 11/9/22

PORIS, An Astronaut-Borne Portable infrared Imaging Spectrometer For Rapid Assessment and Downselect of Potential Rock and Soil Samples. 11/9/22

LUNAPIX & MAPX: Particle Induced X-Ray Emission/X-Ray Fluorescence Instruments for Lunar and Planetary Science 11/21/22

The SelenITA Mission 11/21/22

Mars Exploration Program Assessment Group MEPAG

Mars Life Explorer

Collecting In Situ Observations of Meteorological and Aeolin Processes on Mars

Abzu: A Mission to Uncover the Origin of Ancient Organics on Mars in situ

An Incoherent Scatter Radar Mission to Mars (ISRMM) 11/14/22

Mars Icebreaker 11/14/22

Mars Stationary Orbiter (MSO) 11/16/22

Mars High Resolution Imager (MHRI) 11/16/22

Mars Weather/Comm Infrastructure 11/16/22

Smallsat Spectrometers 11/16/22

Key Technology Needs Identified from KISS Report 11/16/22

Mars Polar LAnder and ClimatE Record Network (Mars PLACER Net or MPN) 11/21/22

Monitoring Areostationary Constellation for Atmosphere and Weather in Space (MACAWS) 11/21/22

TH2OR Electromagnetic Sounding For Subsurface Brines On Mars 11/21/22

Gangotri mission concept on the glacial key to the Amazonian climate of Mars 11/29/22

Mercury Exploration Assessment Group MExAG

Mercury Scout

Mercury Lander Mission Concept Study 11/9/22

GRAIL AT MERCURY: Coherent Laser Tracking For Geophysics 11/9/22

Outer Planets Assessment Group OPAG

Jupiter System Observatory at Sun-Jupiter Lagrangian Point One

Optical Sensor for ISRU Minerals (OSIM)

New Frontiers Titan Orbiter


Shadow Chaser: a smallsat concept to determine the middle and upper atmospheric structures of Uranus and Neptune through stellar-occultation measurements from Earth orbit

Small Next-Generation Atmospheric Probe (SNAP) For Ice Giant Missions

VIPRE: A Tool For Visualization Of The Impact Of Probe Entry Conditions 

Interstellar Object Interceptor Missions: Opportunities and Challenges

Uranus Orbiter and Probe (UOP)

Enceladus Orbilander

Enceladus multiple flyby (EMF)

Saturn Probe

Titan Orbiter

Triton Ocean World Surveyor

Prometheus: A New Frontiers mission concept to Jupiter’s moon Io 11/9/22

Small Bodies Assessment Group SBAG

Centaur orbiter and lander (CORAL)

Ceres Sample Return 11/14/22

Comet surface sample return (CSSR)

Halley 2061 Missions

Technology gaps for rapid response missions to near-Earth objects, interstellar objects, and long-period comets 11/29/22

CORSAIR: Comet Rendezvous Sample Acquisition, Investigation and Return 12/5/22

Venus Exploration Assessment Group VExAG

SAEVe: Seismic and Atmospheric Exploration of Venus

V-BOSS: Venus Bridge Orbiter and Surface System

Venus In Situ Explorer

Venus In-Situ Cloud Explorer 12/8/22

Cupid’s Boomerang 12/8/22

Venus In Situ Transfer and Analysis (VISTA) 12/14/22